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This course emphasizes the following themes: 1) Gaining an experiential understanding of the Six Great Traditions of Christian faith; 2) Coming to a deeper appreciation of the importance of classical devotional literature; 3) Learning to better experience God and His character in Scripture; 4) Developing a deeper appreciation of the Bible's presentation of 15 ways of "being with” God.
This course will underscore foundational aspects of authentic Christian leadership including: embracing the person and model of Jesus as the ultimate model of leadership; identifying and utilizing one's strengths; understanding both personality of a leader and the importance of finding one's voice; and planning and taking intentional steps to increase one's capacity and explore one's potential.
This course provides an introduction to biblical interpretation.  The course explores the roles and relationship of author, text, and reader in the interpretive process.  Special attention is given to the Bible's numerous literary genres and various research and reading strategies that can illuminate interpretation.
Historic Christianity proclaims the nature of the God revealed in history and Scripture as Holy Trinity.  This course examines this doctrine, from its formation amid the controversies over the relationship of Jesus to the Father to its application in lives for worship and witness as the distinctively Christian understanding of God.  Detailed attention will be given to selected Trinitarian reflections in the patristic, medieval, and modern periods of the Church.